These funky shapes, perfectly balanced in a world of chaos, make the perfect playground for humans and aliens alike.
Arches & Canyonlands National Parks, UT
 Find me everywhere:
an impressive towering rock
ill see you
in the sunny avenue
where we talked hand in hand
down the cobblestone path
and when i look at the ground 
underneath my feet
in our favorite café
we can wiggle our toes
giggling at the thought
of snowflakes in your mustache
in the middle of summer
smiling at the dream
of us laying in the grass on a rolling emerald hill
closing my eyes until it feels like
i could reach out and touch your lips
i feel your gentle eyes
gaze upon my face
i hear a familiar tune play
and we grin

a space bigger than my eyes can fill
a place where a canoe holds the snowy peaks
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