Western United States
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A magpie rests on our balcony as the silent blanket of snow covers the landscape below.
Colorado in Spring.
The massive ribboned walls of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.
An underrated point in Colorado's fruit valley.
Hiking under Quandry Peak.
Post-holing near Quandry.
Outside the smoke shack.
Inside the smoke shack.
Searching for ghost towns.
Summer in Colorado.
The Arkansas.
A Toyota RAV-4 on the salt flats of Utah.
Lake Tahoe at sunset.
Sailboats dot Lake Tahoe at sunset.
Basking in the California sun.
California coastline, near the infamous Highway 1 Taco Bell.
Chasing the swell on California's coast.
Yosemite's freezing cold water. 
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