Egypt on film. 
Cairo and Sharm el Sheikh.
The film went through a lot of infrared scanners.

An abandoned sailboat in the Nile, in front of an abandoned hotel? House?
Rowing lessons on the Nile, with the smoggy skyline of Cairo in the distance.
People row across the Nile River.
A man sells nuts in the streets of Cairo.
School-children pose in front of the pyramids of Giza.
Camels resting in front of the pyramids of Giza.
A handler prepares a camel for an Italian tourist.
Three camels trek across the sand by the pyramids of Giza. Cairo is in the distance.
Two horses take people across the desert in front of the pyramids of Giza.
A camel handler poses in front of the famous wonder of the world, the pyramids of Giza.
Tourists crawl all over the wide landscape to see the pyramids of Giza.
Two men prepare scuba equipment.
A man prepares the lines for docking.
Looking down at coral reefs from a boat in Egypt. 
A remake of a tall ship is on it's anchor next to a coral reef. 
Approaching the mountains of Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt by boat.
A cove opens up to the ocean in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. 
Viewing Nama Bay, mountains in the background.
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