Following a tour group to the Katla Ice Cave in Iceland. Characteristic of the country, everything is a shade of grey with a tinge of blue glacial ice. The cave is collapsing due to climate change, and we don't know how much longer Katla will exist. It seems that companies are still trying to use the space to make as much money as possible before the glacier lets go. 
rain drizzles down as we move along a bumpy 4x4 road
the tour guide explains history and lore of Katla
a tour group makes their way up with crampons 
setting up a new route as the old part had crumbled due to ice falling onto it
glacial ice mixed with ash
dizzying valley of ice that used to be part of the cave
a pick axe left behind by staff
a decked out van pulls up to the base of the cave
Troll expeditions van sits in the glacial parking lot
a tour group leaves
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