This project started in April of 2019 when I took my first solo hike while living in Switzerland. I fell in love with the land and the silence of the mountains that protect the people. In June, one of my good friends and I started on a ten day alpine trek across Switzerland, and further, capturing beautiful moments along the way. Here, you can find a few poems and phrases I wrote down in old journals that I thought could match this immense and stunning landscape. Within these writings, can you find a little joke?

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tipsy under a vast sky
stars sparkling
in their own essence of eternity
and the sky unfolds
we leave this world behind
the array of pain, death, and war
float away
becoming birds
but it's not the first time we've flown
through a paradigm of star fields
we are buoyant
and free

love recklessly, endlessly
sometimes i dont have much to say but i'd like to sit with you and enjoy the silence over a cup of coffee and allow the messy emotions to life as misty fog would rise out of a valley on the sunrises command

i heard she's quite the keeper
before you start soaring six feet under
tell her

a landslide without logic
i fill with emotion
wanting to understand
why i can't mend the gap
i must have done something wicked
something in the past
maybe in another life
i just can't seem to remember
so the landslide tumbles down again

existence is limitless
when you have infinite possibilities
to have your life play out
in any way
free will

two empty rows
seems like they're reserved just for us
i fall asleep on your shoulder
wake up to mountains
and quietly protecting
the nestled villages below

im quite literally drowning in happiness each morning

and then,
he whispered in her ear.
i'm afraid because you have a gift, the gift of holding a wild mind. it's so wonderful, spontaneous, inspiring, beautiful, just one of the many reasons i started falling for you.

but i'm afraid because i have that sort of mind too. afraid that this blessing is also a curse a curse upon both of us and that i will wake up one day to the smell of your hair in the morning but then i will blink and you will be gone leaving me behind because you have this

astounding wild mind.


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